Cloudy Nights

Cloudy Nights Change…Again.


Over the past several years it had become apparent that Cloudy Nights needed an upgrade.  As I don’t have a web development staff in house, and I can only ask for so much volunteer help from Cloudy Nights Moderators and Admins, I went on a search to find a solution that would benefit everyone.  I came up with a managed software solution at  The product was great, different, but great.  While it was not the same as the original CN, it had many advantages over the original CN.  The support is great, the speed is great, I could not give a higher recommendation to the folks at


However, something funny happened on the way to the forum.  Page views blew through the roof, roughly 200% more then what we had expected.  We blew past our page view contract with in the first 10 days instead of the first month. has tried to come up with a solution the works out financially for us and has applied extremely deep discounts.  They have made every good faith effort as they are impressed with the community.  And I don’t mean the money it generates for them, but the way that you all post, interact and are willing to help each other with just about anything.  They actually said in private communication with me, “Cloudy Nights should be the model that all web forums/communities are built off of.”   Alas, at the current rate of views it is still not enough.  The website will become unsustainable in the next few days, let alone the next year. Think quadruple the cost over the old CN.



So it is with a heavy heart, and a much lighter wallet as I will have to fulfill my year obligation to, that we are going to have to switch back to the old CN…for a little while.  But we still need to upgrade to a better platform from the old CN, so this is only temporary and we'll be moving again in a few weeks. Greg and Olivier are working as hard as possible on a newly needed platform using a more familiar, but updated, forum software kit.  It has the ability for post rankings, classifieds, familiar format and a host of other things that have been mentioned numerous times.  So don’t despair about the site revert, and please hang with us while we get past this transition… again.  Hey, at least the classifieds will be up very quickly.


Also, if you have a moment, thank for attempting to help us as much as possible.  They went above and beyond.


When we get back up, it would be nice if you all also sent some thanks to the Admins and Mods that worked for a month attempting to get this site up and running as efficiently as possible.


Clear Skies,


Mike Bieler and the rest of the volunteers here at Cloudy Nights.